when to stop watering pot plants

Watering your plants correctly is one of the keys to the success of your harvest. We don't need to explain this, but today we are going to talk about a question that you probably have not paid so much attention to. Do you really know when to stop watering pot plants? Stay tuned, we are going to talk about how to finish your crop successfully thanks to irrigation.

water deprivation before harvest, why?

From Delicious Seeds we recommend to stop watering your plants between two and three days before harvest. Why? Very simple, in this way we are causing the plant a situation of stress to which it will react by focusing all its energy on reproduction. In other words, in generating denser and bigger buds. Each strain has its own characteristics and will ask for more or less days of drought before harvest, but many growers extend this period up to a week. Yes, they go 7 days without watering their marijuana plants before harvesting them.

Now you know when to stop watering marijuana plants. But there are even more reasons why you have to perform water deprivation before harvest:

In addition to everything we have explained so far, marijuana plants need less water progressively as they grow. In fact, if you do not take this factor into account, you will encounter the problem of mold.

Moreover, you will notice it. If you look at the final phase of flowering, you will see that the soil takes longer to dry, it is not that it does not need as much water at this point, it is that it cannot absorb it... And therein lies the problem. We have already answered the question of When to stop watering cannabis, but we still have some other specific situation about watering pot plants that will surely catch your attention.

When to water after applying weed and feed

Are you using a weed and feed product? If so, in any case you should not water before 24 hours after using the product. In any case, from Delicious Seeds we recommend to extend this period of time to 48 hours. This does not have much mystery. You have to wait until the herbicide is completely impregnated in the leaves. If we water before the time, we are cleaning it and all the effort will have been for nothing.

If you are worried about the rainy weather in your city, don't worry. There are specific herbicides that will not be affected by water after 12 hours. But this is a specific case that probably has nothing to do with your situation.

How much water do I give my weed plant?

We have all asked ourselves the question: how much water do I give my weed plant? You have to find the right amount that allows the plant to absorb all the nutrients it needs to grow as well as possible without soaking the soil.

From now on, when you ask yourself again how much water for weed sprouts you need, you already know that you have to meet these two premises, and although the amount of water will depend on each strain, it is normal that you reach the goal we have just explained by filling between 25% and 30% of the total capacity of the pot in which you are growing your weed.

As we said at the beginning, the watering of our crop is very important... Many factors to take into account. But being clear about when to stop watering pot plants is one of the key elements when talking about this topic.

If you have just read something that you have not taken into account so far, try to change it, we assure you that you will notice it in your buds.