Autoflowering in plants refers to an automatic switch from vegetative growth to the flowering phase. This process differs from that of typical strains which depend on a specific photoperiod of varying light and darkness. The autoflower grow process is fairly quick and efficient as plants may be ready to harvest within 10 weeks. Some common autoflowering strains like Auto Dark Purple, Sugar Black Rose Auto and lots of more are in this range from 10 weeks.

Origin of the autoflower

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Harvest time and how to do it

As we are in the most parts of the world in harvest time, we tought it was the momento to write about different ways of harvesting and drying.

First of all what is the perfect momento to harvest?

It depends on the genetic if its Indica or Sativa in the first place ,

Indicas will be harvested in the half of September while sativas can run untill t...

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Daily we reveive the questions like “what is the best way to germinate” or “how do I start germinating”, We know this is for lots of people not an easy thing said…. So we tought to make it as a subject in the next weeks


First of all we want to say there are really a lot of ways to germinate seeds and each one definitely has his/her best way for a 100% succeed …


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CBD and it´s benefits

What is CBD and what are its benefits lots of people ask themselves…

To begin CBD is the non-psychoactive substance of Cannabis, better named Cannabidiol.

It's a naturally occurring substance that's used in products like oils and edibles to impart a feeling of relaxation and calm. Unlike its cousin, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (TH...

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Our Sugar Black Rose can’t be more successful around the world. It receives new prizes nonstop and it’s always between the first places of the best rankings. It has been designated very recently as the No. 1 in the Discreet Seeds Top 20. We can’t believe it!

Discreet Seeds UK is the UK’s largest and greatest supplier of cannabis seeds. They work with the world’s most reputable cannabis seed producers in order to distribute the best seeds at the most competitive prices. Their prestige and the fact that they are always working with the best brands make th...

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We are proud to present you this October 2019 the Early Version of the great UNKNOWN KUSH, winner of more than 20 awards worldwide, due to its special and distinctive flavour, and a very high return for extraction with a high psychotropic and therapeutic result. And we also bring you the Early Version of our best-seller: ELEVEN ROSES, a variety we launched to the market without knowing that we were marking a milestone. What a bomb!


Both varieties maintain the proprieties of their feminized versions. These are femin...

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In this article we’ll be monitoring the new work of Delicious Seeds, the Eleven Roses marihuana strain. Its genetics are the result of crossing Sugar Black Rose and Appalachian Kush. The result is a mainly Indica strain and only needs 55 days’ flowering time.

Comenzamos año en el cual desde Delicious Seeds, os deseamos grandes satisfacciones personales y profesionales, acompañadas de los mejores humos.


Papá, mamá, quiero ser licenciado en Marihuana. El cannabis va saliendo del armario de cultivo para darse a conocer en su totalidad con licenciatura incluida y no, no es una broma si tu hijo te dice que quiere ser licenciado en marihuana... 





Cannabis y deporte, cuatro variedades a tener en cuenta.

Hay quienes aún asocian consumir cannabis y estar todo el día en el sofá sin hacer nada, pero si te digo que cada vez somos más las personas combinamos deporte con un consumo responsable de cannabis me creerías? En este post vamos a conocer cuatro variedades ideales para combinar con distintas prácticas deportivas en función de la inte...

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