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We are proud to present to you our latest work, Eleven Roses (DS31), a strain that we at Delicious Seeds believe to be one of our best to date and we think it will completely change the cannabis scene.

We started developing it more than three years ago and involved the whole team of breeders in what we like to call Project-11, with a clear aim that seemed almost impossible; to improve our outstanding Sugar Black Rose (DS27), which has won more than 30 cups, and to take it to a higher level, towards cannabic excellence.

To do so, we set about looking for a male that was up to the task.

We had some genetics from the United States in mind, which we had loved in the past, and which we thought would be capable of enhancing our Sugar Black Rose (DS27) with some exceptional characteristics and shades of colour that would impress all those who saw it grow and mature.

In the end, we chose an impressive Appalachian Kush male, an exceptional choice which gave our Sugar Black Rose (DS27) a new pallet of colours, tastes and aromas that convinced us all from the start, with the first tasting achieving rare unanimity among the whole of the Delicious team, a success that clearly showed us we had found our new super champion and that we had found the key to improving the “unbeatable”, and that is how our Eleven Roses (DS31) was born.

This strain, which as mentioned above, is a cross between a male Appalachian kush and a Sugar Black Rose (DS27) female, is fairly quick, around 55 days flowering, and a generally superb plant, that is undemanding to grow, and very obliging.

When smoked, to begin with this plant displays a slightly metallic “Kush” type taste, giving way after a few seconds to subtle sweet fruit and damp earthy notes, which we are sure will surprise you pleasantly.

As you can see from the photos, the colour of the leaves, throughout the flowering phase, is incredible, like an autumnal day in the great forests of the north, and which we personally find fascinating.

With respect to potency, we have to say that it is fairly strong, in the right hands this strain can easily reach THC levels of 24 - 25% and with quite a low cbd content.

It is quite a short plant that does not develop many branches indoors, finishing in a dense uniform bud, but which develops vigorously outdoors with a large quantity of lateral branches, ensuring a more than excellent yield, with just one 1.5 metre plant easily producing more than 1000g.

This strain is also very resistant to mould and pests, as we were saying, generally very easy to grow and very appreciative.

Genotype100% Indica
Maturation(Interior) 55 to 60 days
Maturation(Exterior)late September
FlavorSweet fruit
Production600 g/m2 Indoor | up to 2000 g/pl Outdoor
LineageAppalachian Kush x Sugar Black Rose

1st Prize BHO - Cannabis Cup - Lanzarote 2017 - Ruben Terragrow

1st Prize BHO - Copa del Castillo - Tenerife 2017 - Ruben Terragrow

1st Prize BHO - Biomenorcannabis - Menorca 2017 - Ruben Terragrow

3rd Prize BHO - Copa Volcanna II - Lanzarote 2017 - Ruben Terragrow

2nd Prize BHO - Copa Dabadoo - Mexico 2018 (Grimey Gardens - MI)

1st Prize Indoor - Copa del Mar - Argentina 2018 - @adanyeva420

Special Prize - Copa Humos del Diablo - Uruguay 2018 - @clubseniorina @sebashemp

1st Prize - Extracción con Solvente - Copa Esmeralda - Colombia 2019 (#GrimeyGardens - @imalandpirate)

3rd Prize BHO - Kushstock Festival - California 2019 (#GrimeyGardens - @imalandpirate)

1st Prize Outdoor - Copa Cannamex - 2019 (houseplant don benito)

2º Premio - Indoor - Copa cannabica Canguro - Uruguay 2019 (@sebas_montevideo)

1st Prize Outdoor - Copa Mendoza - Argentina 2019 (@vilerslm)

1st Prize - Oklahoma's Best Flower - Oklahoma Cup - GreenGrowFEST 2021

2nd Prize - Extraccion con Solvente - Copa Resinas de la Patagonia - Argentina 2022 (Jona Reyes @jona.r432)

1st Prize - Outdoor - Copa del Edén- Patagonia Argentina 2022 (@Rodrigotello1987 & @Macaa_cardenas)

1st Prize - Flor más Bella - Copx Catx del Valle - Neuquén Argentina 2022 (@Macaa_cardenas)

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Tom (3/18/2024)
Got a seed as part of an extra seed promotion when purchasing other seeds. Cloned the one plant I grew for a second crop. I have experimented with several other strains since. Eleven Roses is hands down the best. Going back for my next crop.
Jose Manuel (12/13/2023)
Una gozada para los sentidos
Gravey (4/17/2022)
Just wow what a beautiful original strain by Delicious seeds. Well done ✅✅✅✅✅
Mlg (3/17/2022)
She a beautiful plants and did great being trellised. I'll be sure to grow another.
Michael (3/13/2022)
Lasse mich überraschen Ken die Pflanzen noch nicht
fabiano (6/6/2021)
Tremendous terpene profile, great punch two. I love't Eleven, god job crew.
Cannagardenflow420 (3/30/2021)
Una cepa que en las condiciones adecuadas sale tal y como es la descripción. Sabores, aromas, tonos impresionantes! Sefuro que lo compraré de nuevo aunque mejor que la sugar black rose es difícil de encontrar!
jose angel (11/6/2020)
Sabor Buenisimo, produccion Muy Buena. una gran eleccion.
maximiliano (8/26/2020)
soy de argentina . esto se ve muy rico la semana entrante estare haciendo la compra
Caravaca (2/2/2020)
Debo admitir que de 5 clases, la mejor de la cosecha y aún no he fumado.
Murciano207 (12/13/2019)
Esta buenisima!!!!! yo creo que he seleccionado un fenotipo appalachian que esta que no veas.....
la siguiente una Bay11
I♥Delicious Seeds
Gary in Michigan (10/12/2019)
I'll try to NEVER go to any other smoke again, this is so smooth, dried and cured to exact specs, this will cure your sleep problems hands down, lil high combined with a super relaxing and restfull sleep, this is #1 in my and my friends book !!!
WilderBudz (10/5/2018)
My caregiver just gave me a sample of his new batch of 11 Roses and I'm blown away!! Great flavor. Deep heady buzz. And I'm feeling ready to get my day started, not looked into my chair.
delicius (9/5/2018)
¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡LOVE DELICIUS!!!!!!!
Gemez (9/5/2018)
gran variedad, sin duda volvere a plantar siempre que pueda!
Luis (9/4/2018)
Fantastica planta con un aroma muy agradable,
Volvere a plantar seguro!
Rubí (7/5/2018)
La Sugar Black Rose fue de las mejores q he probado.... En un par de meses comentaré mi experiencia con Eleven Roses :)
darwin (12/15/2017)
fa! parece todo lo que me gusta junto, que ganas de probarla!!
Genaro Chaparro Roldán (12/14/2017)
Exelente trabajo continúen con la mejor información
Eva (11/16/2017)
muy buena idea chicos espero probarla pronto
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