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Golosa ®

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Golosa - 1 seed € 14.00 x seed
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Golosa - 100 seeds € 10.48 x seed

Golosa is one of the immortals of Delicious Seeds. Thanks to its production and taste, many of those who see the so intense and beautiful jet black color of this plant at the end of the flowering stage can already tell you what strain it is without reading its name anywhere.

It comes from the cross between a Blueberry x Grapefruit, although later it was also crossed with a Bay 11. In fact, it was the head breeder of Delicious Seeds, coming from Project 11, who first developed this hybrid that is on its way to becoming one of the icons of Delicious Seeds.

In the Golosa you can notice grapefruit, mango, licorice, peppermint and coffee, what you will certainly distinguish more generally are its hints of sour fruits. For its aroma and smell, something between thyme and green tea. But, above all, something very pleasant, which is the attribute that all those who try this strain for the first time tell us about. Surely you have in your head an image of the typical idyllic forest that we have all imagined at some time. Well, it will be difficult for you to get closer to it than when you try Delicious Seeds Golosa.

All this, added to the percentage of 26% of THC that we have come to measure in some specimens, explains the fame that has been gradually acquiring this genetic.

In addition to its characteristic black color, it will surprise you by its low branching. It has a medium size and finishes flowering in just 60 days. Yes, it resists very well to both fungi and pests and is very easy to grow.

That's right, there is no reason not to try the most Gourmet hybrid of Delicious Seeds.


Genotype20% Sativa - 80% Indica
Maturation(Interior) 55 to 60 days
FlavorSweet fruit
Production550 g/m2 Indoors | up to 1500 g/pl Outdoors
LineageBay 11 x Grapefruit x Blueberry

1er Premio - Extraccion con Solventes - Cannabis Cup Castellón - 2018

3rd Outdoor - Copa Volcanna - Lanzarote - 2018

1er Premio - Extracción Hash - Castelló Cannabis Cup - 2019

3er Premio - Extracción con Solvente - Castelló Cannabis Cup - 2019

2º Premio - Iceolator - Copa cannabica Canguro - Uruguay 2019

1st Extraction - Copa Medellín - Colombia 2019 (Glass Grass Shop)

2º Premio Autocultivo Interior - La.Feria De La Costa - Uruguay 2020 (@growingexpierience13 )

1st Indoor - Rosario Cannabis Cup - Argentina 2022 (@growerunknown372 )

2nd Prize Hash - Copa Resinas de la Patagonia - Argentina 2024 (@JonaReyes)

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Peplluis (11/2/2023)
Calidad excepcional
fabianobrasil (10/14/2023)
something rare that deserves attention, a unique flavor.
1Azure (8/8/2023)
3rd year for me was really hard to find from the seed places i order from this year.... very sleepy non functional effects my freinds loved it very unique smell and flavor beautiful black flower at the end stout upright perfect flame shape plant
Mutant operator (5/27/2023)
Increíbles tonos durante la flora y el gusto es alucinante !
Othmane (3/21/2022)
Cultivée en 55 jours de floraisons depuis le changement en12/12.
Excellente variété, stretch x2 x3. Bud très très compacte et sent fort.
Jeannie (7/7/2021)
My leaves were very dark near the end. Almost black u Der the LED lights but in regular light like a deep wine and purple. About the color of an egg plant. Once trimmed the buds also had that beautiful purple eggplant type of color. Tve aroma is pretty intense and good. Very happy with it. Rising up on the favorites list.
Harley Grower (5/2/2021)
My phenotype stayed short and bushy when bowl trained in veg. She stretched very nicely with beautiful nose spacing in flower. The aroma on mine in week nine is all coffee.
Cannagardenflow420 (4/9/2021)
Increíble crecimiento, flores densos y llenas de resina! Una auténtica joya, sabores del otro mundo, petas que duran media hora y saben hasta el final igual de bien! 100% recomendable
Daniele (11/20/2020)
Stronger_roots (11/4/2020)
Smell and unmistakable taste, earthy and spicy flavor ... great growth with high quality of flowers and resin.
Bardugeth (4/25/2020)
Germinó sin problema,un crecimiento vegetativo muy vigoroso. Me tocó un fenotipo con aspecto sativo, hojas finitas y no llegó a desarrollar ese color oscuro de los cogollos,quizás la pude dejar algun día más. Eso sí,la fumada increíble en sabor y en intensidad,una delicia. Producción también muy satisfactoria.
Jjone89 (6/17/2019)
Variété top top
Un gout terriblement agréable,têtes compact à souhait,merci Delicious
COSMIC (11/9/2018)
Es una variedad muy buena, que tiene un sabor a cafe muy rico.
aun que es de tamaño medio sus cogollos con resina son
bastamte llamativos, con un dolor muy agradable
Capaz de curar el dolor de cabeza o un simple
dolor de muela.
Muy agradecido. La volvere a plantar sin duda.
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