Best mold resistant strain

We are going to introduce you to 7 specific strains, but before that we are going to give you the keys which you will always use to be able to expand our list. Let's look at the two basic clues that will indicate that you are looking at a seed that responds particularly well to humidity:

-      Look for strains that are known for its resin production. Mold resisting weed strains will always be characterized by this trait. This is the element that marijuana plants use to protect themselves from external elements, including mold (mostly caused by excessive humidity).

-     The genetics coming from the most difficult climates will easily withstand the humid conditions that have already ruined more than one crop. Specifically, strains from Asia and Central America will fight with total guarantees against the wettest autumns.

Now, let's go to the 7 strains whose mould resistance has particularly surprised us:

Best mold resistant tweed strains

4-      Moby Delicious

The latest version of the popular Moby Dick maintains its impressive appearance and productivity. There is one thing you need to know, it needs proper nutrition and plenty of watering (this is precisely why it resists mold much better than any other strain). And in the first example we bring, the premise we just talked about is fulfilled. Its large buds are full of resin. In other words, extra protection..

4-      Northern Light Blue

We have highlighted this particular strain, but any Northern Light genetics resists mold very very well. Apart from this, Northerns Light Blue is a clear example that there are also indica varieties that are especially resistant to wetter climatic conditions. If you like sweetness with the classic touch of acid and you need a very resistant genetic, I would stay here.

4-      Cotton Candy Kush

Cotton Candy Kush is the latest great sativa from Delicious Seeds, and now that we are talking about mold resistant strains, we have to dwell on a very special detail of this plant. Indoors, it responds especially well to humidity, so if this fact has been a problem for you so far, with Cotton Candy Kush this becomes the best remedy against mold.

4-      Sugar Black Rose

Another example of how abundant resin and mold resistance go together the vast majority of the time. At this point, we don't need to tell you much about this seed, but in case you forgot how easy it is to grow, we're here to remind you. Oh, by the way. We are also dealing with an Indica, so you can see...

4-      Caramelo

Caramelo is sativa, it goes very well of resin and its flowering period is particularly short. In addition to all this, it will ask you a good amount of water. All these characteristics together... We don't even need to tell you that you won't have any problem with humidity. And apart from all this, it is another of the mythical Delicious Seeds that you can not miss. If you haven't tried it yet, forget the rest and start with this one.

4-      Critical Sensi Star

To talk about this strain, we introduce a new factor. At the beginning of September it will be ready, so you are avoiding the threat of particularly rainy autumns. In itself this is already definitive ... But there is still more, although the summer is characterized by being rainy, it withstands humidity very well. It has it all.

4-      Sugar Candy

In addition to being very productive, it is very resistant. Full to the top of resin (we had to finish this way with the last strain). Medium size, full of THC and a perfect choice for outdoor growing in the most unfavorable conditions. It is not only a good choice for its resistance to mold, but you will notice its resistance to any disease that your plants have faced.

That's all... For the moment. If you have any doubts and want to make sure before making a decision, remember that the Delicious Seeds team of professionals is at your disposal to help you whenever you need it.