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LORD KUSH - 1 seed € 12.00 x seed
LORD KUSH - 3 seeds € 11.00 x seed
LORD KUSH - 5 seeds € 10.40 x seed
LORD KUSH - 10 seeds € 9.50 x seed
LORD KUSH - 25 seeds € 8.48 x seed
LORD KUSH - 100 seeds € 7.48 x seed

Lord Kush is a strain developed in collaboration with the famous international musician DJ LORD (Public Enemy) with whom we have maintained a close relationship for the last 3 years. As a result of this relationship, our new strain is born in the catalog, the result of the cross between our already known Unknown Kush with a cocktail made in the USA, which one of our most intimate collaborators collected from one of the most humble origins that you can imagine, a cross of DEATH STAR X HEAD BAND two genetics well known in the USA but which until now were unknown in Europe.

Lord Kush is a hybrid of indica dominant cannabis, of medium structure with abundant branching, which grows outdoors up to 2.5 meters in height and produces a large, extremely dense central bud with perfect satellite buds that look like long tails of donkey, all of them covered with abundant trichomes that give a snowy and imposing appearance to this beautiful hybrid. It is a plant that does not require much fertilizer to stay always green and obtain abundant harvests, Lord Kush is fast AND extremely productive, reaching easily indoor yields of up to 700 gr and outdoors of more than 1200 gr per plant with just one flowering period of 55 days, these characteristics and many others, make this plant ideal for growers who are looking for crops with very high yields but who at the same time do not want to lose the quality of their product, always maintaining it in triple quality. A (+ AAA). We have observed that it is a strain resistant to pests such as spider mites or thrips.

At delicious Seeds we also believe that it is one of the plants with the HIGHEST gram / watt yield in our catalog. The composition of terpenes in this plant is complex and sophisticated with a range of aromas that go from metallic, petricor and the aroma of the kush to the sweet citrus and red fruits of the Californian strains. An amalgam of aromas that on the palate translate into a difficult to describe mixture that can be summed up with a single word, SUBLIME.

GenotypeMostly Indica
Maturation(Interior) 50 to 55 days
Maturation(Exterior)late September
FlavorNoble wood
Production700 g/m2 Indoor | +1200 g/pl Outdoor
LineageUnknown Kush x Death Star x Head Band

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Marv (11/27/2023)
Richtiges Kush gekreuz mit Headbang. Wahnsinn. Coop mit DJ Lord mega. Gerne wieder.
Tanja (3/5/2022)
Die Seeds sind spitze 5 von 5 aufgegangen und bis jetzt sehr schöne Pflanzen draus geworden.Richtige Büsche kann ich nur empfehlen
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