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Marmalate (DS25) is an explosive mixture of flavours from our genetic dispensary. Critical Mass, which looks like a Sativa, but with marked Indica characteristics and Lavender, an Indica look-alike with Sativa tendencies. This strain is very easy to grow and highly suited to any growing medium or system. It’s also very good for taking clones. Its rapid and vigorous development and tolerance to pruning make it perfect for SCROG.

However, its consistent flowering also makes it a very good option for SOG in 7-11 litre pots with 25 days’ growth and a transplant before the start of the flowering cycle. Care is needed with respect to height management as it may stretch out quite a lot during pre-flowering. It produces large blue-ribbed buds with a large quantity of trichomes with a very intense and penetrating aroma. On inhalation, it has a sweet taste of grape and lollipops with sweet notes of vanilla or very aromatic wood.

Marmalate (DS25) causes cerebral stimulation followed by a very pleasant sensation of medium physical relaxation. It’s very suitable for medicinal usage because, as well as having potent analgesic properties, we can take it at any time of day without experiencing overly psychactive effects which can be annoying for certain individuals or circumstances.

Genotype30% Sativa - 70% Indica
Maturation(Interior) 50 to 55 days
Maturation(Exterior)late September
FlavorSweet fruit
Way of croppingInd/Out
Production500 g/m2 indoor | +900 g/pl outdoor
Resistance to moldMedium
Pest resistanceHigh
LineageCritical Mass x Lavender
BHO Performance20%
Irrigation toleranceMedium
Medicinal ValueHigh

1º premio outdoor Copa asociación mf 2013

2º indoor – copa txapelketa 2013

3º premio THC Valencia en extracción de BHO 2014

1er premio exterior copa San Canuto 2014 (Fuerteventura)

3º premio copa pro 2014 ( Asociación Natura Verde - Cannarias )

1 º premio BHO Kalamu Eguna 2015

1 º premio interior Kalamu Eguna 2015

3º Premio Miranda del Ebro -BHO (HempTools)

1º Premio BHO - Secret Cup - Canarias 2015

1º Premio Indica - ExpoWeed 2015 - Chile

3º BHO - Castelló Cannabis Cup - 2016

2º BHO - Assonabis Cup 2016

2º BHO - Fresh Cup Zaragoza 2016 (Asoc. Greenskull)

3º Prize Hash - Copa CABA - Argentina 2017

2nd Outdoor - Oceánica Copa Cannabica - Uruguay 2017

3º BHO - Copa Cannamex - Mérida - Spain 2018

1º Mejor Cultivador - Copa del Trueno - Chile 2018 (david hemp)

1º Indoor - Copa Interior - Chile 2018 (david hemp)

3º Outdoor - Copa Cata Cultivadores - Argentina 2021 (mariano lopez)

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OFE (11/27/2021)
I’ve grown this strain twice now. The flavor is top notch - first time was sweet and fruity, 2nd time brought some good earthy funk along for the ride. Seems pretty resilient to stress. Both LST and topping worked well for me. Harvested 11 weeks on average after reducing light schedule to 12/12 indoors. Overall effects are calming, relaxing, decent body buzz/pain abatement, but not heavy. I would buy/grow again.
moni (11/7/2018)
Gran relajacion cerebral,
muy apropiada para mi dolor de jaqueca.
Una variedad recomendable.
stony tony (3/4/2018)
my wife has alot of medical issues, she says its the best to help her with her pain and gives her energy to do things. great for training and taking clones. made my first batch of bubble hash with marmalate and it kicks butt. great strain guys
Andres (10/29/2015)
Acabo de cortarla, hermosa planta muy brillante.
Sierto muy buena producción en indor y buena calidad, El tronco de la planta tiene un perfume a citricos fresco.

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