As we allready have lots of rooting stimulators prepared in liquido r poder form we taught it wasn´t bad to also show you the natural ways existing to make your roots grow faster .

In this case we aslo need to say that this tips are for cloning .

Aloë Vera

Basicly you just cut the mass of pure gel out of the leafs and dip the cutted clone in to the gel before putting it in your clone plug or médium.

One of aloe vera’s active ingredients is an anti-inflammatory component and rooting stimulant, salicylic acid.

Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV has over 30 trace elements that are beneficial to plant growth. Go lightly though because vinegar is also a good weed killer. All you need to do is mix 3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar into 1 gallon of water and dip your cuttings in it then transfer them to the rooting medium.


is also naturally anti-bacterial and will benefit your new cuttings. To make a honey rooting hormone, take a few simple steps:

a.) Boil 2 cups of water

b.) Add 1 Tablespoon of honey

c.) Let the mixture cool and place it in a covered container (like a canning jar). Store your honey rooting hormone away from the light. It will last about 2 weeks.

After it you just dip the clone in to the mixture and put it in the plug or médium and the rest will go for itself

Willow Water

Willow trees are rich in auxin hormone, which helps spur new roots faster. Willows are the most potent in the spring when the trees begin to leaf out, but you can make this mixture any time. If you’re making willow tea in the spring, use only the stems from new growth. There are two substances found in the willow tree that enhance root growth, Salicylic acid and Indolebutyric acid. When you make willow water, both these acids leach into the water and provide beneficial effects for your cuttings. They help your cuttings fight off bacteria, fungi and infections – giving them a better chance to survive. They also help speed up the rooting process.

How to make:

   - If you like to take cuttings and grow them in the water on the windowsill (like I do) you can add 1/2 regular water and 1/2 willow water to the container. This will help the rooting process along.

   - Soak your cuttings for several hours in full strength willow rooting hormone and then plant as you normally would. The soak will give them an extra boost.

   - Use your willow concoction to water in your new cuttings. Two willow waterings should be enough to give them a good start.


And last but not least your own saliva

Use your own saliva, which is said to be a natural root enhancer. I’m not sure how it works exactly because mouths are notoriously dirty, but go ahead and give it a try. There isn’t any advance preparation needed.


Some die-hards suggested that you just give the cuttings a lick, however, that’s not practical if you have hundreds of cuttings to make or if that plant is poisonous. I say – get your son to spit in a cup and use that. He’ll love a reason to do it and you will get your cuttings rooted.


Now we know there are so much more methodes but this where the most working in our opinión and if there are further questions , give us a message.