cuando se planta la marihuana

Asking yourself when to plant marijuana is not just for beginner growers. You're probably clear on the big picture, but let's see that there are many, many factors that will help you know exactly when to plant marijuana to get the most out of your seeds. Let's get down to it.

Spring is the best time. In which month to plant marijuana? Ideally between mid-March and mid-June.

But now let's go with all the nuances. The first thing we must be clear about is that anything below 10ºC will be incompatible with cannabis cultivation. From here, the key is to get the light, temperature and humidity right.

In other words, we have to look for the maximum possible temperature and humidity, but we have to balance this with the change of light, a moment that (as you know) greatly slows down the growth rate of our plant. Precisely because of this, the months of pure summer (July and August) can be used for planting, but as long as you take this factor into account. But we can still be much more specific.

When to plant weed... Indica or Sativa

If we want to be as concrete as possible in answering the question of when to plant pot, we have to distinguish between indica and sativa varieties.

The trick is to use the resource of planting before or after thinking about compensating, think of it this way: The sativas grow more, so you can afford to start growing them later. If you also have space problems... I wouldn't even think about it, don't be afraid to start in July.

And as you have already imagined, with the indicas it happens exactly the same thing, only the other way around. You will not have any problem.

But... What about autoflowering varieties? They were already late in coming out. We assume that these can germinate outdoors at any time, but this does not mean that there are no perfect times for cultivation.

And these are between May and June. That is, the months with more natural light. Similarly, if the climatic conditions where you plan to grow are especially cold, more reason to go the way of autos. And it is that in addition to go faster, they will hold up much better.

Fecha de plantacion marihuana

Continuing with the example of autoflowering plants and taking into account everything we have already mentioned, the duration of the cultivation also depends on the date of planting the marijuana. Case study: Any automatic can be ready in two months, but if you start from July, the process will take almost as many days as you have passed this date.

Less sun, less size and more time. Flowering will be longer, so, in this case, the answer to what is the best time to plant marijuana changes. In the end, we are always talking about the same factors to know when to plant marijuana.

Important: So far we are talking about what is the best time to plant marijuana taking the northern hemisphere as a reference. If you are reading this post from countries in the southern hemisphere such as Argentina or Chile, the reference is the same, you just have to change the months we have talked about for the "opposite" ones. That is to say, in general, the marijuana planting season would start in mid-September and would last until December. And for example in the case of autoflowering outdoors, the range would be between mid-November and the beginning of December.

Surely after reading all this you have a clearer idea to answer the question of when to plant marijuana. Anyway, at Delicious Seeds we are at your disposal to advise you in specific cases with specific varieties and climates.