Surely you have ever wondered what are the best autoflowering cannabis seeds. If so, you may have realized that there is no fixed answer, however, there are a series of characteristics that the best auto seeds have to fulfill. Yes, the 13 varieties that we are about to present to you are strictly adhered to, but before listing them, let's get to know this popular class of marijuana seeds better.

Advantages of autoflowering marijuana seeds

When we talk about autoflowering strains we mean autoflowering marijuana seeds for outdoor and indoor use. As it is a growth marked by automatic flowering, we do not have to be aware of changing the photoperiod. These begin to flower after a vegetative period of approximately 3 or 4 weeks, which means that the growth time is much shorter than that of feminized seeds (a speed that also extends to the flowering period). Don't worry, if you need the best autoflowering seeds for outdoor use, you've come to the right place.

Speed, simplicity ... and Productivity. Having a variety that allows you to grow several crops per season is a key factor why many people rush to buy auto varieties, which also allow you greater discretion due to their smaller size.

All these advantages are tailor-made for both the most inexperienced growers and those who aim to achieve high production without much care. If you are part of either of these two groups, read on to discover the most productive feminized autoflowering seeds.


The best cheap autoflowering marijuana seeds


1-      Sugar Black Rose Auto

Sugar Black Rose Auto

We couldn't start with another variety. If the seed has to be automatic, but also stand out for its flavor and especially high productivity, this first option is yours. Its fruity and smooth touch is characterized by lasting over time. And we still haven't talked about its effect:

If you want to narrow down your search to the best autoflowering indica seeds at the best price, stay here. The brain stimulation that it provokes takes you to an ideal state of relaxation dreamed of by the most faithful of the indica strains.


2-      Critical Neville Haze Auto

Critical Neville Haze Auto

If we make a 180 degree turn to our route. This is the most sativa automatic seed from Delicious Seeds bank, so if you are looking for the best autoflowering sativa seeds, you have probably reached your destination.

The origin of this critical auto seed is found in the Neville Haze Auto strain, which has had a development of several years, so that its perfection has reached this automatic variety whose percentage of sativa reaches 90%. Are you one of those who like a critical touch? You have to try Critical Neville Haze Auto.


3-      Auto Dark Purple

Auto Dark Purple

Yes, we can still be a little more specific, because it is possible that what you are looking for is an auto purple strain. And it would not be strange, since this interest is growing more and more. Auto Dark Purple is the perfect answer to this demand, and its Kush genetics worked over 5 generations makes it a high quality alternative with a percentage of 18% THC.


4-      Northern Light x Big Bud Ryder

Northern Light x Big Bud Ryder

We change the seed bank to present a cross that forms an ideal car. The Northern Light and Big Bud mothers from World of Seeds have produced a plant with perfect symmetry and that also has rudelaris genetics in its origin.

We do not leave behind the purple tone, since these also have this colorful color in the final stretch of the flowering process. Not only does it assure you 3 good harvests a year, but these are accompanied by strong buds covered by resin crystals that give off a smell between citrus and sweet that is reminiscent of pineapple, lime or mandarin.


5-      Northern Light Blue Auto

Northern Light Blue Auto

Don't go too far, because if the previous strain has convinced you, this one will too. As we finished before explaining the differences with respect to the previous example, let's get to the point: We change the citrus flavor for a subtle aroma of berries (the result of the Blueberry Auto strain that became the origin of this plant).


6-      Critical Jack Herer Auto

Critical Jack Herer Auto

Critical Jack Herer Auto from Delicious Seeds is the alternative for anyone looking for an outdoor automatic critical strain that is also one of the best autoflowering sativa seeds. Its effect? Instantaneous and fundamentally corporal, a versatility that makes this variety a wild card that you can use on multiple occasions.


7-      Wild Thailand Ryder

Wild Thailand Ryder

20% THC. The best cover letter for the Wild Thailand Rider variety. As you may have already guessed, it has its origin in Thailand. It can exceed a meter and a half in height, and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Sweet and fruity ... Energetic and long-lasting: Do you dare to try it?


8-      Delicious Cookies Auto

Delicious Cookies Auto

Surely you expected it before, but there are times when you have to save the best for last. It is difficult to highlight in a couple of paragraphs the advantages of this iconic strain of Delicious Seeds, but we are going to give it a try.

It is easy to grow (ideal leaf-calyx ratio), it stands out for its trichome production and its high THC index and we are talking about a non-photodependent plant. But if this variety stands out for something, it is for its performance. Its great ease of production has made it a staple for many growers. If you have not yet had these seeds in your hands, you cannot miss the opportunity.


9-      Delicious Candy Auto

Delicious Candy Auto

Also known as Cheese Candy Auto, everyone who grows it highlights its great speed. This attribute is especially surprising when we consider both its size and its flower density.

It is one of the best autoflowering indica seeds that you can find on the market. In addition, it is the ideal auto alternative for those who are looking for an alternative that is also of a therapeutic nature. Muscle aches, sleep problems, fatigue ... Give this variety's CBD a try.


10-   Il Diavolo

Il Diavolo

This first generation cross has two key advantages: its ease of cultivation and its small size. So if you are just starting out in cannabis cultivation, starting with this auto strain is a great decision.

Its effect is practically instantaneous and especially long-lasting. In addition, it also has a high percentage of CBD, which makes this variety a wild card that is also suitable for medicinal use.


11-   La Bella Afrodita

La Bella Afrodita

It is the natural path that every grower has to follow if they have liked the previous Auto strain from Delicious. Why? Very simple, this second generation seed comes from a cross of the Il Diabolo strain.

In addition, its larger size reinforces this idea of "going to the next level." If you like Afghan nuances, this plant will give you a lot of joy. Sedative effect + feeling of well-being = The Beautiful Aphrodite Auto.


12-   La Diva

La Diva

We return to the citrus-fruity combination to talk about La Diva. A first-generation auto strain with a predominantly physical high. However, it has a slight introspective mental component. Think, meditate, or just put an end to stress and nervousness.


13-   Auto Blue Ace CBD

Auto Blue Ace Cbd - Seeds - CBD FAMILY

The CBD Auto seed par excellence. It reaches a ratio of 1: 2, which makes it an ideal alternative for medicinal use. Surely it is not necessary to value this popular 5th generation variety, but in case you have not tried it yet, you will find a fruity flavor with a citrus aftertaste that causes a very particular analgesic effect in everyone who tries it.


Frequent questions


Are there autoflowering varieties for indoor and outdoor?

These types of strains can be grown both indoors and outdoors. However, their characteristics such as their smaller size or their ease of cultivation make them a great alternative for growing indoors.


How long do auto seeds take to flower?

These types of varieties do not take more than 30 days to flower, regardless of the light to which they have been exposed. Since they have germinated until the harvests only take two months.


What is the average size of an autoflowering strain?

They usually reach a height that ranges between 50 centimeters and one meter. In any case, its size depends on different factors. For example, sativa varieties tend to grow larger.