One small mistake and the most gourmet dish is ruined. This maxim is not only applicable to traditional gastronomy, but cannabis cuisine is also full of small mistakes that can ruin a delicatessen of your best herb.

In itself, cooking with cannabis is no more complex than any type of conventional preparation. The difference is that marijuana has to be handled with specific care and the way you carry out the process must be very specific.


Marijuana edibles are not a current fad. Its fame precedes it, although today it has risen as one of the most popular culinary trends. We have gone from the mythical marijuana cookies to dishes as elaborate as marijuana butter gnocchi or cannabis-infused lobster.

The reason? The ingestion of foods cooked with marijuana does not constitute any health risk, they are easy to consume, they guarantee discretion in the use of cannabis and its effects are stronger.


Cannabis recipes, the latest in signature cuisine

Cannabis cuisine encompasses all kinds of elaborations. From sweet to savory recipes to condiments and some combination of particular but successful flavors, cooking with marijuana constitutes a whole universe of possibilities.

But, like any type of kitchen, cooking with cannabis is not without some more common mistakes that some people make that can completely ruin the preparation.

Find out what they are and how to avoid them below.


Most common mistakes when cooking with marijuana

You have brought out the chef you have inside and you have set to work to prepare a delicious recipe for cannabis cooking but, when finished, your joy in a well: the result is not what you expected. Where has the error been?

Cooking with marijuana is not without nuances and there are some considerations that you should take into account to avoid falling into the most frequent mistakes in the preparation of cannabis recipes:


1. Too much product

Adding too much marijuana is not synonymous with obtaining a prescription with greater potency. In fact, quite the opposite. If you go overboard with cannabis, the flavor of the edible will be too altered.

Cooking with cannabis is simple, but you are not limited to adding a handful of weed to a recipe, adding butter, and waiting for the miracle to happen. Cannabis recipes require exact measurements and a strict brewing protocol.


2. Have you forgotten to decarboxylate?

Blending a bunch of buds or adding a few to your food is not going to make you fly. To cook with cannabis it is essential to activate marijuana.

How do you do it? Through decarboxylation, which is a process consisting of the application of heat to the herb to convert the cannabioid THCA into the psychoactive THC.

Bake your selection of cannabis at low temperatures for a minimum of one hour and you will have the raw material ready to make the best recipes with marijuana.


3. High temperatures: the fatal mistake

Note that we have noted "low temperatures". And it is that high temperatures destroy the sensitive compounds of marijuana.

If you have successfully decarboxylated, don't make a mess by cooking at all the photons give because you will lose the psychoactive potency of cannabis and ruin the flavor of the dish.

4. The killing of the buds

Crushing the buds as if there were no tomorrow is another of the most common mistakes when cooking with marijuana. A grinder can make it easier for you, but it could cause you to chop the flowers too much.

Already. That way you have more quantity, but it is neither necessary nor good to pulverize the cannabis for cooking. In fact, the only thing you will get is a more bitter herb taste and you will lose potency in the preparation. The best: a medium thick mash.


5. Your best cannabuter, have you sprayed it with water?

Forgetting water when preparing cannabutter is the most typical hazing when starting out in cannabis cooking. To prepare cannabis butter it is necessary to add herb, butter and water, which is essential to keep the recipe at a low temperature and avoid burning.

The water will remove the greenness of the cannabis, making it tasteless like leaves and preventing the high temperatures from destroying the sensitive compounds, so don't forget to include it in the recipe and remove it as soon as the butter has solidified.


6. Strain, strain, strain

You have remembered the water, you have kept the temperatures low ... but you have made a wrong final casting. Squeezing the butter with the cheesecloth to take advantage of every last amount is a mistake in the book, since it alters the result and damages it.

Not only will it be more bitter, but it will include a higher percentage of plant matter.

Also, using the wrong strainer, one that is not fine enough, will allow particulate matter to filter through and will harm its flavor, consistency, and even potency.


7. The mix, the secret of success

If you do not mix the ingredients of the recipe well and the incorporation of cannabis is irregular, the strength of each dose will be different and the set will be inconsistent. This error is not only important in cannabis recipes, but in any other.

One serving of a marijuana edible may be highly concentrated and another may be ineffective if you do not mix the recipe ingredients well.


8. There is life beyond the oven

Systematically, everyone thinks of cookies, cupcakes or brownies when we talk about cooking with marijuana. However, any recipe can be made with cannabis, it just takes a little imagination.

Sweet and savory, the options are endless. There are oils, gummies, chocolate bars, savory dishes, pasta and many alternatives. Take advantage of your creativity to incorporate marijuana into any of your dishes.


9. Saver mode

Spending too much money is one of the most glaring mistakes when cooking with marijuana. The objective of cannabis cooking is to concentrate the compounds of the herb in the preparation, so the buds and sugar leaves are an ideal option to make your dishes without sacrificing quality or money.


10. Big donkey ...

You have taken the utmost care during the preparation, you have integrated the components well, you have pampered the product ... and you gulp down the entire plate in the blink of an eye. Error.

Don't be a rookie. Eating a slice of brownie or a cannabis-infused drink won't make you feel anything immediately. But wait about 45 minutes later. You will be flying through the clouds.

Remember that the concentration is higher in marijuana edibles and that it is very different from smoking it. If you get up to your eyebrows in 5 minutes, the ball will send you to the emergency room.