There was a time when cannabis with a high THC content was considered the crème de la crème. The bigger the pitch, the better.

However, the curative effects of marijuana use and its benefits have been accelerating a clear trend towards higher quality consumption as part of a healthy lifestyle to the detriment of the high effect or recreational use.

Staying blind is no longer a maxim. Dosed marijuana use arrives.


Microdosing of marijuana

Perhaps you have discovered multiple benefits of cannabis use but your productivity suffers as a result of being too high.

Microdosing marijuana is a method of consuming cannabis in small but effective doses.

Well done and by finding your own minimum effective dose, you will be able to experience the benefits of marijuana with minimal psychoactive consequences.

That is, feeling a mental and emotional high with a more positive perception of the environment that helps you perceive greater creativity and develop a more sociable attitude without stress or dysfunctional behaviors.


What does marijuana microdose work?

Many people are used to smoking a lot of weed, have made cannabis use chronic, and each night they roll a few grams or look forward to the weekend to get into shape.

The microdosing of marijuana follows another route: to smoke little many times. It consists of consuming a minimum amount of cannabis to feel a slight effect, but without getting high.


Benefits of microdosing marijuana

From the outset, microdoses allow you to enjoy the best of the herb while eliminating the most uncomfortable effects (especially when you have to perform at your best in your day to day or at work).

Whether you are a medicinal user or a recreational user, microdosing allows you to enjoy a greater creative drive, a positive effect on your mood and increased productivity.


How much marijuana does a microdose take?

It depends. The minimum effective dose varies from person to person and takes care of factors such as cannabinoid receptor genetics, metabolism, body weight or consumption history.

In addition, the way in which it is consumed will directly influence the amount that needs to be taken.


2.5 to 10 mg THC

Studies determine a range of 2.5 mg to 10 mg of THC to consider microdosing. Neuroscientifically, it is recommended to start in the lower range and test until you get the right dose to enjoy its benefits without suffering its consequences.

The idea is to take advantage of the biphasic effect of cannabis, whose high and low doses have the same reciprocal effects.

While higher doses of cannabis produce a stimulating effect, too much in the dose can cause anxiety, among many other things. In fact, when using cannabis for medicinal purposes, less is more.


Little by little, starting slowly

The best way to experiment with microdosing, especially when it comes to work and everyday life, is to find the sweet spot when you are at home resting and, once the appropriate amounts are determined, introduce them into your daily life.


How to microdose cannabis

Each consumer has his or her consumption preferences and, when it comes to microdosing marijuana, each technique has different characteristics. The most popular methods of microdosing marijuana are as follows:


Smoking cannabis

It is still the most popular choice for marijuana use, but it can be difficult to assess the percentage of THC that is actually inhaled in one hit.

In addition, the combustion of tar and carcinogens is discouraged for health reasons and, as far as the plant is concerned, a lot of active ingredient is lost when smoking.

However, if this is the option that suits you the most, you can always roll a joint that lasts several days and take a puff or two from time to time. Of course, the weed will eventually turn rancid, so you can modify the procedure and prepare small microdosing cones.



It is one of the most effective ways to microdose cannabis, as cannabinoids are not burned in the combustion process, but are extracted by dehydration.

In addition, vaporization allows more rigorous control of doses.

All this, added to the fact that the absence of combustion does not modify the volatile terpenes and that the variety of vaporizers allows smoking outside the home in a simple and discreet way, make vaping the best option for microdosing marijuana.


Ingest cannabis

Chocolate, gummies, cookies, menthol or cannabutter for cooking. The edible option is suitable for microdosing, as long as the amount you use is specific and you are testing the limit where the effect is greatest.

An alternative is to resort to ingesting drops of cannabis oil, which allow for more precise microdosing of marijuana by knowing exactly the milligrams ingested.

Of course, remember that, unlike smoking or vaping, consuming cannabis in edibles takes longer to take effect.