Is marijuana really good for concentrating on studies?

The controversy over the use of marijuana in daily life goes back a long way. In fact, using marijuana for study is considered to negatively affect memory and lead to dire academic results.

However, many people find in cannabis the extra concentration necessary to face especially hard days of study or work.

So, one wonders, is marijuana really good for concentrating on studies? Let's see it.


Science has said ...

The studies are clear. The impact of cannabis on the brain is different in the long term than in the short term. Different studies prove that its consumption can slow down the aging of the brain and improve certain cognitive activities by increasing the number of neural connections.

In this way, marijuana could be related to certain improvements in results when performing activities that require a lot of concentration, such as studies.


Where is the "but"

Using marijuana in the lead-up to an exam doesn't seem like a bright idea. This is because cannabis can cause a transitive cognitive impairment that varies from one user to another and that would affect the time to remember certain data, although it is true that this effect would not occur on short-term memory.


So, can I use marijuana to study?

If you are a minor and are looking to marijuana for a supportive substance to focus on in your studies, the answer is categorically NO. In fact, you shouldn't even be reading this.

There are compelling medical reasons that oppose the use of cannabis in minors, since the brain of young people is in a developmental process that could be compromised by the use of certain substances. So forget about it.



Although the consumption of THC is higher, in regards to studies and marijuana, CBD may be more beneficial due to its lower psychoactive load. The effect of marijuana on the ability to study goes beyond concentration. Indica marijuana is relaxing and a great ally for falling asleep. Consuming Indica Cannabis before bed can be an effective remedy against insomnia, helping to create stable sleep habits that promote study and even help you focus on books before going to bed.

With regard to Sativa marijuana, its effect is more stimulating and can be beneficial if you need extra energy for tasks that require research processes or high doses of creativity.

Whichever type of marijuana you choose, it is best to try the amounts we need to study more effectively or sleep properly to give our brain the rest it needs to work hard.


To consider

Consuming marijuana to study, beyond the benefits of cannabis to help focus, is not without certain nuances.

We have commented that there are certain advantages in consuming cannabis to study better, always depending on the variety of the plant and the circumstances inherent to the study. Obviously, and it should not be necessary to qualify it, all this in moderate doses. If you get the millennium high, you won't even see the lyrics, so use common sense.

A very strong dose can have a marked impact on concentration and motivation. For example, if you go to a full test of marijuana rich in THC, you are going to mess it up. At that time you need to be focused.

The timing of marijuana use to study is as important as the amount to consume. Cannabis enhances creativity, but it also helps us get easily distracted.

In the same way that studies show a positive impact on cannabis use in the field of studies, they have also made it clear that excessive consumption can alter spatial and working memory, which is the ability to process information in real time .

What does this mean? Simply, if the objective is the assimilation of relevant information, you must focus on what is important to know, since your brain will go to death with the new information, but it can "get lost" with the flow of new thoughts.


Best marijuana strains to study

Each plant will provide you with specific effects depending on the type of study you are looking for or the capacity you want to enhance in a specific job. Activities that require a bit of creativity or endure a whole night without breaking down have the help of a fantastic alidade, 100% Sativa.


1. CBD Family. With delicious flavors, these plants help you lift your spirits and energy with very low levels of THC that will not leave you out of the game to study.

2. Critical Super Silver Haze. It can provide the physical and mental balance necessary to study.

3. Critical Jack Herer. In the field of hybrids, with a high THC content, this strain is perfect for activities that require a lot of creativity.