how to grow weed faster

This is a very general question, but it depends on very specific factors. If you want to know how to grow weed faster, look at this post because we are going to give you some very concrete tips that you can apply from today in the growing of your cannabis plants. Let's get started.

The first thing you need to know to discover the fastest way to grow weed is that choosing the right strain will have the biggest influence on the growing time of your marijuana. An indica will be flowering between 50-60 days, while most sativa strains exceed 65 days of flowering, reaching even 3 months in some specimens of pure sativa strains.

Surely the speed of the first group suits you better, but we can still put it better: With the Early Version strains of Delicious Seeds you will save a few weeks of cultivation, an advantage that has made many of our customers no longer choose other strains. If on the other hand you are a classic and do not want to try these genetics, we recommend the Northern Light Blue. You will see how it convinces you.

In order to know how to grow weed fast we have to talk about the hours of light you give your plants. Let's start by talking about indoor growing, as this is the method of cultivation that allows you to accelerate the growth of your marijuana plants, and for this, we will highlight a number of key points:

- Give your plants 24 hours of light during the vegetative phase. In this way, you will be enhancing the development of the plant, and consequently, you will be able to force earlier the change from vegetative phase to flowering phase.

- Just at this moment when you change the photoperiod and reduce the hours of light to a total of 12, there is another key to advance the deadlines: You gradually lower the time of light from this moment. Just so you understand, it's all about tricking the plant into thinking that winter is approaching.

In fact, there are a number of strains (Haze and Sativas from the equator) that do not even flower properly with a 12/12 light cycle. So don't worry, your crop won't go to waste.

- Have you ever tried hydroponics? This is not an exact science, but many growers accustomed to growing via this technique claim that it is an important aid to help cannabis develop faster.

- Don't be afraid to use nutrients. Although the concept sounds strange, it is about overfeeding your plants. Of course, you must be prudent. Do not overdo it with the amounts before checking that your crop is tolerating correctly this external aid that you are giving to your plants.

We have already delved into how to grow cannabis fast indoors. But what about outdoors? That's right, you can also speed up this process even if we are talking about outdoor growing, although you are always going to be more limited.

The first alternative is the simplest and most obvious possible: Use autoflowering strains. Yes, we know you can come to that conclusion on your own, so we are going to give you a second key.

The fastest way to grow weed outdoors is to simulate that the night starts earlier, that is to say, to use your own resources to change the photoperiod to 12/12. Yes, as if you were growing indoor. To do this, many growers cover their plants with a tarp that does not let the light pass through. You put it up in the evening, remove it when you get up... And that's it!

Now that you know all these keys, you know where to start if you are wondering how to grow marijuana fast. However, it doesn't end here. Our team of experts is at your disposal to answer any questions you may have. If you need us to recommend any kind of strain, don't hesitate to ask us in the comments. We'll be in touch!