Eleven Roses

There are marijuana strains that stop being simple seeds to become icons that generate fans rather than consumers. Precisely for this reason we do not have to introduce you to this plant, as you will surely have heard of it. What we are going to find out in this post are the reasons why a strain like Eleven Roses has become in just three years of history in a reference in the cannabis sector.


Reviews on Eleven Roses, Why is this seed so successful?

We can talk about size, productivity, percentages... But the reason why Eleven Roses is a special marijuana seed is very simple: its taste is totally different from any other variety of any seed bank.

A unique flavor which, as it could not be otherwise seeing the success of the variety, tastes great. How can we define it? For its characteristic earthy flavor. Hints of mango, passion fruit, light metallic touches... But the great secret of Eleven Roses is its incredible earthy scent.

Eleven Roses
Eleven Roses

The Sugar Black Rose successor

The genetics of Eleven Roses was developed with a very clear objective: to become the natural heiress of the classic strain of the bank of Delicious Seeds: the Sugar Black Rose. Therefore, this genetics was crossed with the Appalachian Kush, a strain from the United States that has added to the legendary Sugar Black Rose an immense range of nuances and aromas.

And everything indicates that the son (practically newborn) will end up surpassing the father faster than later. For the moment, it is already backed by more than 45 cups won around the world.

Little by little we are understanding the reputation of this variety... But there is much more... We have not yet talked about its high THC percentage!

In many cases, this THC content is very close to 25%. Right, another key to explain the success of this Delicious Seeds specimen.

But what are the effects of this 100% indica plant? Well, a devastating result, whether we are talking about physical or mental results. Therefore, it is the ideal alternative for all those who have to fight against insomnia.

What must always be clear is that this is the option to choose before sleeping or relaxing. There are no other options, and if you do not believe it, wait until you see its potency by yourself. In addition, it is characterized by its long duration. A two-for-one in every way.



Eleven Roses cultivation features

New section, new advantage. Or better said, double advantage: Eleven Roses is the perfect plant if you are worried about its resistance to pests as well as its ease of cultivation. Two factors in which the variety of Delicious Seeds has an excellent grade.

If you are interested in planting it indoors, calculate about 600 grams per meter squared of cultivation and an approximate height of 150 centimeters. Outdoors, the weight increases to 2 kilograms (we don't need to emphasize the productive capacity of this variety).

Eleven Roses
Eleven Roses

We continue to expand the range, have you ever thought about this strain to extract Rosin or BHO? Well, you are also in the right place. The resin is present in any part of the plant, despite having a high number of leaves, it is also ideal for these extractions.


We have talked about many aspects, so it is time to make a summary of the main attributes of these feminized seeds:


- Earthy - sweet flavor with slight metallic touches.

- No other variety has a similar taste

- Very intense effect both physical and mental

- Great cultivation facility

- Maximum resistance to pests

- Ideal against insomnia

- High amounts of resin


All Eleven Roses genetics

We have focused on the feminized Eleven Roses variety but Delicious Seeds has also developed Eleven Roses Early Version, an alternative with a shorter flowering process which still keeps all the opinions and characteristics that we have been highlighting throughout the post.

But what will come after Eleven Roses? If you take a look at the seeds available on the Delicious Seeds website, you will find many feminized seeds that are also available in automatic version... Are you missing one? Stay alert to the Delicious Seeds news in 2022.