Can you clone auto feminized seeds

Hundreds of growers ask themselves every day: Can you clone auto feminized seeds? They know perfectly well that taking cuttings of photoperiodic strains gives them a big advantage. But why does this situation change with autos? We are going to explain you what will happen if you start growing autoflowering clones and you will find out yourself if it is a good choice.

First of all, we have to know perfectly what is involved in cloning a marijuana plant, whether it is automatic or photoperiodic.

The word itself says it. With this practice, we are cloning the mother plant so we are generating a new one that will keep perfectly the genetics of the cloned strain. This is the main reason why this practice is so popular: When we are in front of a special specimen, taking a cutting assures us to preserve that genetics.

And now comes the most important part. Not only are we replicating its genes, but we have a new plant that is at exactly the same point of growth. So, even though one is smaller, both are the same age. And here is the problem, and at the same time the explanation, to the question "Can you clone an autoflower marijuana plant?"

When you take a small cutting from a photoperiodic plant (in vegetative phase of course), what you do is to experiment with the light, so that you know that the new plant will continue growing and will not start flowering until you change the photoperiod. Obviously, with automatic plants you cannot do this, and you would only have two alternatives left:

-      Clone your autoflowering plant when it is only 2 weeks old. A solution that, besides weakening it a lot, will give you a cutting that will almost certainly not root.

-      You make the cutting when the mother plant has already grown more than 5 nodes (this would be the ideal moment) but it will soon start the flowering stage, so you will be growing a dwarf specimen.

Therefore, you can take clones from autoflowering plant, but in case you finally get them out, they are not going to give you a good result (no matter how good a rooting product you use and how well you carry out the process).

It is clear that, besides assuring you a specimen genetically equal to any mother plant that has impressed you, this technique has many more advantages: You save money, you can assure a great production, little by little you are replacing the male plants of your crop...

But definitely, if you have been wondering if you can clone autoflowering pot plants... The final answer is no, at least from Delicious Seeds we do not recommend it in any case.

But don't worry, all is not lost. To make cuttings, it is a problem the fact that they are not photodependent plants. But this feature has many other advantages. If you are one of those who use cuttings to ensure the maximum possible production and now you want to start with autos, you can easily start with the famous perpetual growth routine. With the same hours of light, you can experiment with planting several seeds and always have them in a different life cycle. This means that you will never be short of results.