Pure sativa strains

Have you ever tried pure sativa strains? If you have come this far, strains of this type are yours, but surely you also know (and if you are not about to find out) that it is one thing to talk about sativa genetics and quite another to talk about best pure sativa strains.

In this post we are going to talk about the latter: the most powerful sativa strains. But not everything is going to be talk, we are going to go into action detailing the characteristics of 7 pure sativa genetics that will not leave you indifferent.

But where do these special strains come from? Because of its climatic characteristics, the origin of the pure sativa strain is in Southeast Asia. Does this mean that this type of genetics does not exist elsewhere? No, it doesn't. The best sativa strains that you are about to discover have adapted perfectly to other places characterized by a tropical and subtropical climate.

Another characteristic of pure sativa strains is their height. Each genetics is a story, but the normal height is around 4 meters. And now... we are going to deal with one of the most heard theories when we refer to the sativa species: do they take much longer to flower?

Well, in theory yes, but if we leave this answer without a nuance we would be lying. Although it has been proven that sativa strains have a longer flowering period, this is only one of many factors that influence this trait. Just as location can influence this trait. This is not a certain science and we can not measure the exact influence, so we must give it a relative importance.

Is there a pure sativa strain?

At this point you are probably already imagining that there are pure sativa strains. Now you are going to see them with names and surnames, but so that you can start imagining them, you only have to think about the following characteristics elevated to the maximum exponent:

-      Before we have spoken of tropical climates, this characteristic is repeated when we speak of the taste: pineapple, melon, grapefruit... In short, very sweet.

-      Not excessively dense buds: Unlike the buds of indica varieties, these are not so dense. Point in favor vs. humidity and fungi.

List of pure sativa strains

Now let's get down to business. Beyond the general characteristics already explained, here are the specific traits of 7 of the best pure sativa strains you can currently buy wherever you are:

1-      Critical Neville Haze 2.0

Let's start at the end. This pure sativa strain is one of the latest news from Delicious Seeds. Aroma? Coffee and woody. Flavor? Incense. And 0 physical effect. The only thing, you must remember to control the growth of the plant. The height is already expected, but be careful that the branches go to all sides.

2-      Critical Jack Herer

With this sativa strain we continue in the same line of incense flavor. Only in this Critical Jack you will notice it in a bittersweet touch in which you will be left with a pleasant taste of lemon. Again, this strain still does not stand out for its cerebral stimulation. Unlike the previous one, this plant is perfect if you are not a smoker very accustomed to mainly sativa types (in that case, I would stay with the one above).

3-      South African Kwazulu

We change seed bank to talk about one of the most powerful sativa strains you can find on the seed market: South African Kwazulu from World of Seeds. It resists incredibly to fungi and pests, the activation that it will cause you will not disappear in a little while... If it was the favorite of the Zulus along generations and generations... It must be for something.

4-      Klimanjaro

We don't have to explain its origin, but as in the previous strain, the Klimanjaro is the result of the work done by the natives themselves. They referred to it as the Tomb-Elephants... So we are not going to talk about its potency. Dense buds compared to the sativa species, citrus aftertaste and well loaded with resin.

5-      Wild Thailand

We continue with the best pure and autochthonous sativa genetics. The Wild Thailand has one of the highest percentage of THC, and we are not only talking about the strains of marijuana sativas. It grows huge and flowers fast, so think about leaving room for its roots.

6-      Colombian Gold

Equally tall, Colombian Gold stands out for its growing ease. So if you are looking for pure sativa seeds that are within the reach of the most inexperienced grower ... no need to keep looking. And if you had also thought of a particularly resinous strain ... It is yours.

7-      Brazil Amazonia

We finish this tour of the best sativa strains in the Amazon. It stands out for its medicinal effects and its characteristic effect: you will start full of energy, but you will end with an unmistakable pleasant sensation. It is one of those must-try genetics. But be careful not to overdo it with the water, as fungi can appear.

You are already an expert in sativa strains. Now... you just need to put on your overalls and get started. With all this information you surely already know which way to go. But, even so, don't stop trying and questioning all this information, it is possible that the sativa species that has least caught your attention is the one that will convince you the most.