Best cookie strains

They are relatively young, but their potential has ensured that in less than a decade cookies strains have become a must for any grower. Barely a decade has gone by since this story began, but that' s enough time to present you our top 10 of the best cookies strains. 

But before we start talking about specific strains and before you choose for yourself what cookie strain is the best, let's talk in general about the features that all cookies strains meet:

If we had to choose the two most characteristic attributes of the genetics of this family, they would be these: Its enormous potency and its beautiful appearance. They are an inspiration to the senses, and this is not just a figure of speech. All growers faithful to the cookies weed strains highlight the enormous and unmistakable organoleptic properties of these plants, which are usually quite balanced in terms of the indica/sativa percentage. Now, let's go with our ranking

Top 10 cookies strains list

1     Delicious Cookies

The first one is Delicious Cookies for a very clear reason: it is the proof that brilliant cookies strains keep emerging, which means that this journey has no end. This Delicious Seeds strain arrives incredibly loaded with resin and stands out for its enormous production. More sativa than indica, the cookie aroma is joined by earthy and Earl Grey undertones. With Delicious Cookies magic has emerged and has already made a place for itself in the cannabis world.

2     Girl Scout Cookies

With the Girl Scout Cookies it all began... It doesn't need much introduction, but in case you don't know, it is the origin of all cookies strains that have arisen subsequently. In fact, both the variety above and many of those we are going to talk about now come directly from this resinous indica strain that is characterized by a sweet but fruity flavor at the same time.

3     Cream Cookies Auto

We continue on the path of the indicas. But we also move to the side of the automatic. This is a top 10 cookies strains, so we had to include a non-photodependent strain. Correct, you will perceive a creamy flavor, almost caramelized and especially very sweet. Despite being an indica it's going to keep you awake, so many social smokers make the most of this strain.

4     Gorilla Cookies

Half indica half sativa, Gorilla Cookies is one of the best cookies strains due to its overall balance. It exceeds 23% of THC, its production is very high and in its taste you will notice things of OG Kush, Durban and Sour Diesel. Even its effect is balanced, since its long-lasting effect makes it ideal to consume during the day but its relaxing effect also allows you to leave this premise and enjoy it at night.

5     Cookies Kush

Seeing its lineage, the Cookies Kush was impossible not to be among the best cookies weed strains. It comes from the Girl Scout Cookies and an OG Kush. The combination could not fail and it did not fail. It continues amazing the cannabis world for its unequalled taste. The percentage of THC is as high as that of all the strains we have talked about so far, but in addition, many consumers of medical marijuana choose this cookie strain (70% indica).

6     Wedding Cookies

This genetic not only maintains the THC level of the previous ones, but it exceeds it to become a strain which stands out for its incredibly strong effect. 70% indica, it belongs to the group of the sweet cookies strains. Really, try it because its effect is one that can not be explained in words.

7     Space Cookies

Attentive to the combination that originated the Space Cookies... it will not leave you indifferent. On the one hand, the Girl Scout Cookies (so far so normal) and on the other ... a particular combination of genes from Afghanistan. Regarding its flavor, we include a record of which we had not spoken in the description of any of the previous varieties: its pine aroma. This strain from Paradise Seeds is different from the others and deserves to be tried.

8     Bruce Cookies

Again we are in front of another top cookies strain especially for its genuine flavor. The metallic touches that you can find in some of the strains above adds a fuel flavor that has become the hallmark of this genetic. Be careful, the THC level this time reaches 28%, and this is a big word for a genetics with an indica percentage of 70%.

9     Royal Cookies

It comes directly from the queen (Girl Scout Cookies), probably that's why it has become the best cookie strain of the Royal Queen seed bank. The taste will be unmistakable if you are already familiar with this type of genetics and you will get a yield of more than 500g before 10 weeks of flowering. Euphoric mind and relaxed body, the only thing you should consider is that if you are not an expert smoker, start slowly so you will not get exhausted.

10     Purple Punch Cookies

And we finish this cookies strains list with a cross that everyone who tries it defines it as a total success. This cross comes from a Purple Punch 2.0 and a female GMO Cookies, which became popular thanks to its spicy nuances. Well, the Purple Punch Cookies keeps this taste but much more softened. You may notice a very slight taste of onion, mushrooms and garlic, but at no time is it a strong flavor. To give you an idea, it's like putting a spicy touch to a damp forest. You know, purple strains are said to be special...

So that's it. We probably left out some important genetics, but what we can assure you is that all the seeds we have talked about are also the best cookie strains in 2022. Now you can choose with authority, but if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts will be happy to help you.