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How to care for a baby marijuana plant... that big question we always pay less attention to than we should. Everybody knows that the development of people depends mainly on the first three years of life. Well, with our marijuana plants it is exactly the same. The success of our crops depends to a great extent on their care when they are just born.

No, from Delicious Seeds we are not going to discover any miracle. Surely you have already dealt with more than one bud of marijuana, but you can always keep some key that will bring you something new about how to care for baby marijuana plants. Let's get down to business.

We are continually referring to the care of marijuana seedlings. In other words: we've already gone through the germination process, so we're at that two to three week cannabis seedling period that precedes the vegetative stage.


The first thing to do is to ensure protection

We are talking about plants that are going through their most vulnerable phase. Their roots have not yet taken root, so we are at the point where we have to overprotect them so that they can subsequently impose themselves on external factors and survive on their own.

How does this translate? We have to protect the seedlings indoors. But don't stop there, to take good care of the plants they need to start tucked in, either by covering them with a plastic material (for example, covering them with a plastic bottle after having broken it in half and pierced it) or with the typical transparent bubble wrap. All this in case you do not have a greenhouse. Relax, there will be time to aerate them with fans.

We already have the principle, now let's get down to business:


How to water baby marijuana plants

Before talking about specific processes, it will help you more to understand how you have to maintain the soil at this stage, so that you will know better than anyone how to water your newborn marijuana plants. The trick is this: the soil must always be moist. Yes, constantly, and the reason why is very simple.

As we said before, we are focused on our already germinated seeds to generate strong roots to ensure good growth. To achieve this goal, the soil must be loose and well oxygenated so that the roots go through it like a knife through butter. But be careful, if you overdo it and water it we have messed it up because mold appears. This is a wetting process. Yes, you have to use the sprayer at this point.

And now the eternal debate: "mineral water or tap water for watering the pot plant? From Delicious Seeds we are not going to tell you that you have to use tap water at this stage of seedling. Starting with mineral water can also be positive, but please, when you reach the growth stage, water your plants with tap water.

And now it is time to stop for a moment. Before continuing with the explanations and tips on the development of your baby plants, let's go with a small scheme for you to apply all the actions explained and better understand what we are going to discuss below.


Marijuana plant - Basic care


- Relative humidity close to 80%

- The flower pot cannot be big. We can even use a glass, of course, we must drain it

- The temperature should be around 25º C (in no case lower than 20º C or exceed 30º C)

- Maintain a neutral pH level

- The light has to be very dim


Now we can continue with more specific examples that will end up making you an expert in marijuana seedlings, specifically with information related to the last point we mentioned in the previous highlight.

As time goes by, our plant will need more light, but for the moment it is enough with the typical compact fluorescent bulb. Don't you see? relax, we will refresh your memory.


plantas de marihuana recien nacidas

You can keep them a hand's breadth away from your pot plants, and ideally not yet in contact with natural light. In any case, do not let it go beyond the first or last daylight rays.

If you have noticed that the plant is stretching more than normal, it is also due to light reasons. Specifically, because they lack some illumination. These plants will spike because they instinctively go in search of light when they miss it.

It may seem a big problem, but the good thing is that it can be identified quickly and has a solution: All you have to do is sink it. That is to say, to convert what right now is a part of the stem into what in the future will be roots. Easy, isn't it?

Baby born female marijuana plant, when does the next stage begin?

We say goodbye with a question that not everyone is able to answer. It seems silly, but if we have to know the specific conditions in the different stages of plant growth, why is it important to know exactly when we pass from one stage to another? And if we talk about newborn female marijuana plants, it will be especially important, we are playing a lot!

Be careful, because the rule of the pot seedling can confuse you: this period begins at the moment when the so-called cotyledons (the first two round leaves that are visible) bloom from the seed. On the other hand, this phase ends when the first definitive or true leaf grows. Surely there is no need to explain how to identify the classic digitate shape of the leaves of your plants.