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Caramba - Paradise Seeds

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Caramba is a fast finish Wappa x Gelato 33 hybrid. Its versatility and easy management in the grow room is complemented by a big taste and happy effect.

Ay Wappa!… Caramba is a fast flowering indica exotic which introduces a purple flourish to Paradise’s Wappa family. It comes with a big personality in the form of enhanced flavor, big yields and high levels of THC (24% THC).

Nevertheless, it stays true to the family values of the Wappa dynasty with its great resistance and superb all-round grow qualities.

This strain will be a hit with the many fans who have been seduced by the dependency of the original Wappa, Tangerine Sorbet and Mendocino Skunk and delight those who are discovering the Wappa family for the first time.

Caramba is a Wappa x Gelato 33 cross which means that she brings all the award winning attributes of Paradise’s most popular hybrid with extra resin, boosted flavoring and more potency provided by a particularly sticky sweet Gelato phenotype. The result is an exotic hybrid which displays superb stability and all-round qualities.

Aromas and Flavours
True to the Wappa tradition there is the unmistakable skunky base which is particularly prevalent when this plant is growing.

The aroma is intense, and its Limonene heavy terpene profile carries an orangey citrus sharpness with it, but is more discreet than the grow room stink bomb associated with the original Wappa. Once dried, buds retain that Skunk/citrus scent, but the flavor provides much more detail with its balanced profile of strawberry and orange with notes of diesel.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Wappa family plants have a reputation for easy growing. Beginners can be confident that Caramba will be kind and forgive their lack of experience, while experienced growers will maximize its true potential. Indoors this is an average height plant which will easily fit into most grow spaces. The breeding team recommends some pruning to open up those bud sites and avoid top heavy production. It also advises to lollipop the plant after 5 weeks of flowering to remove scruffy lower branches below 30 cm.*

Like all Wappa family plants this strain provides outstanding performance across a range of climate, temperature and altitude differences. It’s super versatile, very resistant and responds well in outdoor grow setups. Buds will naturally be bigger the further south you plant, but those growing in cooler climates will also be impressed with the harvest payout and the great resistance qualities.

*As with all exotic strains, the flipside of more potency and flavor is that plants can be more susceptible to hermaphroditism when stressed. For this reason keep a close eye for pollen sacks on lowers branches and use the above lollipop technique to stop any issue developing.

Yield and Presentation
In the grow room this compact plant follows an indica growth pattern and shows strong growth, with its exotic genes producing purple foliage as flowering progresses.

Buds are dense and hard and the presentation is pure exotic eye candy once cured. Underneath a glistening glaze of trichomes there is a beguiling intricacy to the purples, pinks, whites and shades of green which make up the coloring.

Indoor Yield: 600 g per m²
Outdoor Yield: 900 g per plant

While this hybrid has a slight indica dominance there is no couch lock waiting to hijack the consumer. Instead it’s an uplifting ticket to ride with the kind of energizing kick which will fuel a night out socializing with friends and having fun, but is equally happy to be fuelling creative thoughts at home. For this reason, it’s also an excellent daytime companion.

Its uplifting energy may be popular with those who are looking for some respite from dark clouds and this strain also has appetite stimulation properties.

Grow Stats
Suitable for growing outside between 50º n.L. and 50º s.L., plants cultivated from Caramba cannabis seeds will finish in early October outdoors between 50º n.L. and 50º s.L. Indoors, it will be ready after 55 – 60 days. Estimated yield is 600 grams per m² indoors / 900 grams per plant outdoors.

Genótipo40% Sativa - 60% Indica
Tempo de amadurecimento internode 55 a 60 dias
GostoDoce frutado
Produção600 g/m2 Indoor | 900 g/pl Outdoor
LinhagemWappa x Gelato 33

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