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We couldn't leave it there. The success of Lord Kush deserved the continuing of the saga with our friend DJ LORD (Public Enemy), and here goes the result: the new Lord Kush Early Version. Although this strain meets all the requeriments to be a great Early Version , and right now we will explain why.

In its feminized version, this plant exceeds two and a half meters in height, stands out for the incredible size of its central bud and for getting a brutal harvest without the need to abuse fertilizers.

In other words. Until today, Lord Kush was ideal if you were looking for maximum yield without sacrificing quality. This new Fast Version from Delicious Seeds incorporates the other great key advantage:

In just 6 weeks you will be harvesting, a difference that can allow you to reach two hasrvest per season. But you are not just saving yourself time, you are saving yourself headaches.

If the plagues have already made you bitter on more than one occasion, the best thing you can do is changing your method with an Early Version: Of course, the shorter the time, the less likely it is to get complicated. But if you also plant them a little early (their flowering is ahead of other strains), you already have much less chance of being visited by the typical summer pests.

We have already mentioned that the performance of the feminized strain has nothing to envy to any other of the Delicious Seeds genetics. So, if time doesn't bother you in the slightest, that may be your option. Now, if you think you can take advantage of this temporary bonus, you have to try it.

You will soon realize that the yield of the original seed is very comparable to that of the Lord Kush Early Version. If you give it a chance, you will be surprised...

Metal, petrichor, sweet citrus... When you try Lord Kush Early Version you will remember all this, and one of the quintessential strains of Delicious Seeds, Unknown Kush. Since the strain that we are presenting a cross between this genetics and a perfect (and also unknown) mix "made in" USA: Death Star x Head Band.

Lord Kush was already sublime and the perfect example of genetics that its early version deserves. Now it is a reality, and it is that the Fast Version was born from crosses like this.

GenótipoMostly Indica
Tempo de amadurecimento internoEARLY VERSION - 45 días
Tempo de amadurecimento ao ar livreMeio de março
GostoMadeira Nobre
Modalidade culttivoInt./Ext
Produção700 g/m2 Indoor | +1200 g/pl Outdoor
Resistência mofoAlta
Resistência pragaAlta
LinhagemLord Kush x Ruderalis
Tolerância de irrigaçãoAlta
Valor MedicinalAlto

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