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At the moment the name sounds familiar, but when you try this new strain you will not forget it. Yes, it sounds like the one that, for many, is the best sativa in the world (Moby Dick). But before moving on to the technical and so that we understand it from the beginning: Moby Delicious is the result of crossing this queen with her most brilliant daughter (Royal Moby). There goes the result.

Let's quickly go through the obvious. Sativa dominance, unique productivity and potency. And at the same time very easy to grow.

Big, heavy, hard… and surprisingly dense and full of resin. Ok, you may have read this too, but now you are about to read the key difference that many customers have already passed on in this evolved variety Made In Delicious:

You will get a floral aroma where lemon predominates. But you will notice the perfect combo in its flavor. Citrus, pine, frankincense and haze plus a subtle hint of wood. If you are looking to relax, try the variety, but you will find much more… We still need the final surprise sponsored by the last guest.

The psychedelic high of Royal Moby (I'm sure you know what we're talking about) was all we needed to tie the knot with Moby Delicious. Euphoric effect, thc in the air and maximum intensity in the flavor. It is still wrong for us to say it, but in addition to having the best quality, we have a strain where nothing has been wasted.

Before we have dropped that this plant is not going to give you problems when it comes to growing it. Why? Among others, for its short life cycle. Of course, keep in mind that outdoors you have to give it enough space and a mild enough climate. At the beginning of October you will already be harvesting plants of up to 1,200 grams.

Do not expect this plant to reach the size of Moby Dick (just as we tell you one thing, we tell you another). Of course, when you start to see the joint he pulls out... You're going to have a good déjà vu.

Little more to add to this star with the Delicious touch. It is only necessary to try it to confirm that, indeed, with everything that we have just told, nothing could go wrong.

ГенотипMainly Sativa
Время сбора урожая (в помещении)от 60 до 70 дней
Время сбора урожая (на открытом воздухе) в начале октября
Вкус Лимонная фрукты
Путь обрезкиIndoor / Outdoor
производствоup to 1200 g/pl Outdoor
Сопротивление плесенивысокий
Устойчивость к вредителямвысокий
СкрещениеMoby Dick x Royal Moby
Толерантность орошениявысокий
Лекарственное значениевысокий

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