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  • Acquistare AUTO DARK PURPLE
  • Acquistare AUTO DARK PURPLE
  • Acquistare AUTO DARK PURPLE
  • Acquistare AUTO DARK PURPLE
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Auto Dark Purple - 1 seed
9,00 €
Auto Dark Purple - 3 seeds
24,00 €
Auto Dark Purple - 5 seeds
38,00 €
Auto Dark Purple - 10 seeds
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Auto Dark Purple - 25 seeds
166,00 €
Auto Dark Purple - 100 seeds
570,00 €
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Our Auto Dark Purple (DS4) is an auto-flowering strain of our catalog and arises as a response to the great demand for "purple" strains by cannabis users around the world.

It is a strain recommended for all those who love kush genetics, born from crossing an OG Kush with an auto-flowering Purple Kush, worked until the 5th generation, achieving an almost total stability of the genetics and managing to maintain practically 100% of the individuals that aroma so characteristic and those purple tones so desired in their inflorescences, given somewhat cold nights.

It is a very grateful strain, of easy cultivation, with few cares we will obtain very satisfactory individuals and of great quality, obtaining an average of 18% in the production of THC, being for an auto-flowering, a relatively high value.

It is, therefore, a compact, dense plant, of an almost perfect canopy and of high fructification, ideal for indoor and outdoor cultivation, as well as for urban cultivation, on terraces or balconies, due to its discreet size and its purple color.

Ciclo Vitale60 giorni
SaporeFrutta dolce
RitaglioInterno / Esterno
Produzione500 gr/m2 Indoor | 70 gr/pl outdoor
Resistenza alla muffaMedia
Resistenza alla pesteAlto
SessoFem Auto
BHO Performance18%
Tolleranza irrigazioneAlto
Valore medicinaliAltissima

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Pat (28/09/2019)
Deliciois strain! Easy to grow . I love the high. It is euphoric and relaxing. But your head keeps calm without freaky thoughts. Dark purple is my facourite!!
Kalle (20/06/2019)
Very delicious , but Not so strong
WolfieLee (13/06/2019)
Definitely a speed demon! I burn this plant early on with a light it bounced back very quickly and gave me some of my best flower to date. And hands down the best ice hash I've had the pleasure to make. Full melt all the way! Beautiful dark grape and tutti frutti sweet aromas in the garden. Beautiful buds that live up to their name with orange hairs that make for Superior bag appeal... This plant is no slouch, packs a punch! Bravo Delicious! Expect my order for my first full medical garden soon!
WolfieLee (11/06/2019)
Very easy for the beginner (like me)... I burned the one I had with a t5 light early on, but it bounced back nicely. It yielded the best Ice Hash I have ever made, it was Full-Melt, at that. Beautiful Dark Grape and Fruity pebbles aromas in the Garden! Georgeous buds that live up to the name. My first full med grow, I will be maxing my # of plants with this strain. Can't say enough positive things about it...
clau (09/11/2018)
Planta perfecta, cogollos grandes
color magnifico.
Me encanta y la marca tambien.
Gracias Delicius.
La vida es deliciosa.
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