History and improvement of the Early Versions

These strains used to be known in English as "earlys" and were 1st generation light-dependent, regular strains crossed with pure Ruderalis. They were first launched 25 years ago by one of the first seed banks though nobody paid them much attention and they went almost unnoticed owing to their poor quality particularly their low cannabinoid content and their inferior taste and smell. We've given these strains a new lease of life by using today's automatics which have improved greatly over the last few years especially in terms of their organoleptic characteristics.

How we came to our F1 Early Versions

These F1 Fast Version strains are the result of crossing an F4 automatic with either light-dependent feminised or regular (it makes no difference) strains from our catalogue. This shortens the flowering time while strengthening and accelerating the vegetative growth stage with respect to normal strains, making these super fast plants that reach the end of their life cycle in just 8 weeks.


Ideal for an indoor winter crop or during the normal season in zones where the autumn tends to arrive very early to avoid the bad weather that can ruin our harvests. Also it doesnt affect the vegative stage like with Autoflower, so you can still do pregrow in smaller médiums while with Auto´s its recomended to directly grow in the final médium.